Who Do You Love?
He Gives Me Peace
Savannah Doesn't Need You
This Is God's Plan
The Promise
Something You Did
Waiting for a Song
The Road I'm On
The Life of a Child
I Praise You My Merciful God
I Could Try
Dale Frazier: music, lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar
Frank French: portion of "I Praise You My Merciful God", backing vocals, guitars, fretless bass, drums, percussion, piano, Hammond organ, strings, brass, woodwinds, harmonica, mandolin
Guests: Howard Williams, Kenny Kilgore, Cheryl McRae, Jodi Zorzi, Phillip Klein & Jeanne French
Cover photograph by Pat Stettler. Graphic design by Tommy Wood. Engineered & produced by Frank French. Recorded October 1999 through July 2001 at Frank French Studio 3. Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix, Nashville TN. Released Autumn 2001 by Dale.
  During the summer of 1999, Jeanne & I attended a motorcycle meet called "FreedomFest" that was being held on the grounds of Covenant Church near Eatonton, Georgia. One of the bands we heard there was a band called Lifeline, whom the bikers loved. Dale Frazier was one of the members of that band.
   I was producing an album for a band called
Bright Sky at the time. One night Scott Scoggins of Bright Sky called me and said that Dale needed to talk with me about copyrighting a song Dale had written called "Savannah Doesn't Need You", and that Dale wanted to talk with me right then!
   Dale came over, we talked, and we made a publishing agreement between him & Frank French Publishing.
   Soon after that, we began recording the album that became "The Road I'm On". It was kind of a twisting road, and I am glad that Dale saw this project through all the way to the end.
   Dale is a story-teller type of songwriter, so I produced his songs with that in mind, creating the backgrounds that I thought were appropriate for each song. By the time we were into the recording, Dale was performing solo, so I orchestrated his songs so that they would be as comfortable with an acoustic audience as they would be with an electric audience (or as Ronnie Wood says "plugged in & standing").
   Howard Williams played the mandolin parts on "Waiting for a Song" and he played the guitar leads on "Life of a Child". Kenny did the guitar leads on "The Road I'm On", playing around my slide parts. Phillip, Cheryl, Jodi & Jeanne contributed harmonies to various songs. Dale did 99% of the acoustic guitar work, and I played the rest of whatever instruments you hear.
   I love each one of these songs, so it is hard for me to pick a favorite. As I peruse the titles, so many memories flood through my mind. I very much love the mood of "The Promise". That was a fun one to produce...the cellos, the fretless bass, the oboe solo. Cheryl's voice is so beautiful. I think that she & Dale sound very good together. I was struck by the beauty of her voice on "Savannah".
   Dale's acoustic guitar sound is impeccable. I worked very hard to showcase his guitar on "Hannah's Walk".
   I love "Waiting for a Song". It's such a happy song.
   My dog Hoot barked right on beat coming into the bridge of "This Is God's Plan". That was pure happenstance in the kind of way that only God could orchestrate.
   "He Gives Me Peace" is a wonderfully Southern song, like floating in a boat on a warm spring day.
   And the Beatles & that brief happy period of Beatlemania in 1964 very much influenced the way I produced "Who Do You Love", the opening song on this album. You must play that song loud to help get that feel.
   Thank you Dale, for allowing me to collaborate with you on "I Praise You My Merciful God". That is a very beautiful song. And finally, the simplicity of "I Could Try" is very, very nice. Dale & Cheryl, accompanied by Dale's solo acoustic guitar was a fine way to finish this album.
   This album was recorded & mixed in analog all the way, & we mastered this in digital, "Sonic Solutions" at MasterMix with Ken Love.
   Visit Dale's website at
The Road I'm On
Dale Frazier
Dale Frazier
in Frank's Studio 3
playing his beautiful Guild
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