I love instrumental music--classical, jazz, ambient. And I love the instrumental music that serves as scores in movies. So in 1984 I seriously began toying with the idea of releasing an original instrumental work. I had been selling a lot of "New Age" music at my shop, Far East Futon Company in Atlanta, and I was especially turned on by the works of Brian Eno, Kitaro, Vangelis, and Pink Floyd.
   So I recorded about five hours worth of original material in my new studio, then selected about an hour's worth that seemed to fit together. I wanted to make really cool background music for physical therapy, making love, or just spacing out. This fit my concept of ambient music. It was my contribution to help relieve tension in an angry and stressed out world.
   I released this, on my own, under my publishing company
Dragon Path Music in May of 1985, and it was sold through various record distributors. Clif Berlik helped me write, Howard Williams did a wonderful guitar solo, Stanislous Bielski did the cover painting "Ovid in Bloom" and Flournoy Holmes put the package together. Kevn Kinney was a good friend to me during this time.
   Some of the music used on this album formed the basis for the soundtrack to "
Neon Fish", a multi media installation/event created & orchestrated by artist Shawn Wilson in Atlanta, New York City, and San Francisco. This debuted in 1987. Shawn, where are you now?
the Lover's Waltz
Alpine Meadows
River of Bells
the New World Overture
the Waterfront
Saint Paul's Cathedral
All songs written, performed, recorded & produced by Frank French, except most of "The Waterfront" written by
Clif Berlik.
Recorded April 1984 through May 1985
at Studio #2, Smyrna GA
"The New World"
Frank French
Carol Line
at Caravan of Dreams
who used "the New World" as a dance performance soundtrack
Frank French
Clif Berlik
Hilary Sabonai French
Shannon David French
Chuck Larkin
tellin' stories at Piedmont Park
Ricky Keller
& Glenn Wisenbacker
jazz at Piedmont Park
Jeanne French
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