Speak to Me
Slow Dance
Clay on a Wheel
How I Feel
The Peace I Need
Faithful to You
Wasn't It Enough
Endless Mercy
Never Letting Go
Jodi Zorzi: music, lyrics, vocals, piano, acoustic guitar
Frank French: backing vocals, guitars, piano, Hammond organ, strings, brass, woodwinds, mandolin, fretless bass, harmonica, drums, percussion, production & engineering
Guests: Dale Frazier, Cheryl McRae, Jana Saffell, Jennifer Walker & Jeanne French
Cover photograph by Kate Bentley. Graphic art by Peg Harvard at Dogwood Studio. Engineered & produced by Frank French. Recorded 1999-2000 at Frank French Studio 3. Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix, Nashville TN.
Released summer of 2000 by Jodi.
  Jodi & Leo Zorzi live six houses down from Jeanne & me between Woodstock & Mountain Park. Shortly after we met in 1998, Jodi asked me to sing & play guitar at her 4th of July party. I kind of knew Jodi. She & Sheila Jenkins have a ministry called "Narrow Gate" and they had hosted a few women's conferences that Jeanne had attended. Jeanne had heard Jodi sing, and she mentioned to Jodi that I had my own pro-level recording studio, and that I produced recordings for artists & writers.
   One evening in May of 1999, a very nervous, giggling Jodi sat at my piano in the studio & played & sang "Faithful to You". I was pleasantly surprised at how good she was...like God had just dropped unpolished gemstones in my hands and said "See what you can do with these."
   We began working in June, and we worked on this album for a little over a year.
   Jodi & I learned a lot about each other during this time, and we had our share of struggles & discussions, laughter & tears. But we were passionately committed to this project, and in the end we came out with a beautiful introspective album. Let me say, thank you to everyone for putting up with us through all of this!
   In retrospect, as I listen to these songs now, they bring back different memories, mostly involving the studio & the people & the parts being worked out. My favorite song is "Never Letting Go". I enjoyed layering in all those parts, the Tibetan Bells & all...but the topper is Cheryl's vocal descant at the ending of the song...it is so fresh & moving, like the breath of life.
   "Endless Mercy" is another favorite of mine. Cheryl, Jennifer, Jodi & Jeanne did an absolutely incredible job with the vocals. Their voices are like waves of warm summer rain washing over the listener, bathing us in God's enduring & compassionate love.
   Jodi has her own favorite songs. You can read her perspective at her website:
   It took us a while to finish this album. We actually started over a couple of times, but I am grateful that Jodi trusted me with this project, and she has trusted me to be her partner on future projects.
   Jodi & I always start each song that we work on with the two of us huddled around a couple of mikes, with our acoustic guitars, playing the songs over & over again, working them & crafting them until we know that the "feel" is there, and that it is perfect. Once that feeling is there, we feel released to move on with the track. The song may end up sonically different from where we started, but fundamentally, that "feel" is still there, and that is what makes the song.
   This album was recorded & mixed completely analog, using tape all the way.
   It was then mastered digitally, using "Sonic Solutions", at MasterMix in Nashville, working with Ken Love, my favorite mastering engineer.
   Thanks, Jodi.
Slow Dance
Jodi Zorzi
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