the Richard Bicknell Sessions:
Richard & I began writing & recording for the album "Shakedusting Lazarus" on 16th August 2009.
The songs are:
Mississippi Right on Time
All I Left Behind
Snowbird Days
Walking Home
I Turn to My Guitar
Song for Kate & Anna
Pretty & Free
Shakedusting Lazarus
Elegy for S
Conception Street
Whistling in the Dark
Never Been
Love Alive
Ana Lise Please
The Women across the River
If My Eyes were Blind
Snowin' on Raton
Richard Bicknell:
writing & vocals
Frank & Richard
Frank French: writing, production, engineering, guitars, drums, keyboards, mandolin, harmonica, fretless bass, vocals
David Hewitt:
David Olney: writing, guitar, vocal
Evan Kinney: accordian
Jonny Hibbert: saxophones
Jerry Weldon, Tammie Lynn Jones & Richard
Richard, Jonny & Frank
Frank, Richard, & Les Scarborough:
jamming at Frank & Jeanne's
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Joanie Fergusson: drums
Spencer Kirkpatrick: