No Judgments
Take My Will
Infinitely Higher
His Love Will Always Be Mine
The Telling Of Your Love
Holy Pages
The Leading Back To You
Love Will Never Leave Me
Through The Eyes Of Grace
No More Questioning
Pour Out Your Love
The Builder
Jodi Zorzi: music. lyrics, vocals, piano, acoustic guitar
Frank French: backing vocals, the entire orchestra, production & engineering
Guests: Jeanne French, Andrew Black, Ken Kilgore, Les Scarborough, Cheryl McRae, Jana Saffell, Rhonda Carter, Kari Hill, Pam Campbell, Reginald Kelly, Nicole Saffell, Kendra Southard, Taylor Zorzi, Spencer Zorzi & Alexa Zorzi
Cover photograph by Jodi Zorzi. Packaging by Disk Makers. Engineered & produced by Frank French. Recorded 2001-2003 at Frank French Studios, Woodstock, Georgia. Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix, Nashville, Tennessee. Released autumn of 2003 by Jodi.
  On the 16th of May 2001, Jodi & I began recording The Telling of Your Love, on 16 track analog. That song charted the course of this project for me: this album was going to be majestic. I would pull "impressions" from other musical landscapes, creating a world orchestra.
   I wanted to capture the feeling I had when I first saw the Grand Canyon, resplendant in the summer sunset. That sense of being quiet & listening to God's heartbeat.
   Production-wise, I continued with what I had started with "Slow Dance". I recorded Jodi's vocals in stereo, to capture her subtle movements, so the listener would sense Jodi's presence in the room.
No Judgments had been birthed on a motorcycle, so I created circles within the song. Take My Will is a little darker. And Infinitely Higher speaks of a quiet reality. His Love Will Always Be Mine is a song of faith in the midst of a shaken world. Holy Pages speaks of the letters of love that make up the words of Scripture. The Leading Back to You is another circular song. Love Will Never Leave Me is a "somebody loves me & I'm happy no matter what" kind of song. Through The Eyes of Grace lifts your heart on wings that soar. No More Questioning is a testimonial. Pour Out Your Love is a heartfelt plea. And The Builder is a song about someone who changed someone else's life.
  We began the recording of these songs the same way we always do: Jodi & me huddled around 2 microphones, strumming our guitars & singing quietly, finding the vibe. Most of the time we began the recording in analog. Sometimes we went 24 track (and beyond!) digital. But I always did the bulk of the work in digital...that is where I always ended up.
   Then I mixed down to 2 track analog, and we traveled to Nashville to master using Sonic Solutions (digital) at MasterMix, with Ken Love engineering. This one was over two years in the process. It was a labor of love & I am very proud of this one. We worked hard. In listening to it, please linger over this album & savor it fully. In real life, I may not be outwardly expressive, but my feelings run deep in regards to this recording.
No Judgments
Jodi Zorzi
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