Live at The Rock'n'Soul Cafe:
5290 Arapahoe Ave., Suite I
Boulder, Colorado 80303
phone: 303-443-5108
In November of 2004, Sam & Sheryl Radetsky opened up a live music venue in Boulder, Colorado, something that grew out of their love for music & the music community and Sheryl's experience in promoting concerts in the Boulder area.

They installed a state of the art sound and lighting system, built to please the artists they had grown to love.

That club is used for something to serve the community, six days and nights a week.

They began recording the live shows, and invited me to edit & remix their live recordings and produce CD projects that they could sell at their club. They call the series "Live at The Rock'n'Soul Cafe".

These are the CDs that I have produced for them as their ongoing
"Live at The Rock'n'Soul Cafe" series:
Celia Farran 14 January 2005
Steve Glotzer 15 January 2005
Windy Martin 25 February 2005
Todd Adelman 12 March 2005
WadiRum 16 April 2005
Silent Bear 13 May 2005
Jennifer Friedman 21 May 2005
Bill Taylor 4 June 2005
Randy Craig 1 July 2005
Linda & Jessica Storey 2 July 2005
Chris Juhlin 8 July 2005
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