Hail The Messiah
It's Easy
Lord, Do You Love Me?
You're A Mighty God
More Than A Party
New Man Old Man
He Is Worthy
I Love The Lord
A Call to Be in Your Presence
Are You Listening Mr Christian?
Lord You Are My Strength
Send Them A Miracle
Jesus in The Garden
Send Us Your Spirit
Spencer Cooper: music, lyrics, vocals, lots of Hammond organ, piano on Frank's songs, 12 string Rickenbacher
Kenneth Bill Chambers: vocals, bass
Jeanne French: vocals, percussion
Frank French: music, lyrics, vocals, some Hammond organ, piano on Spencer's songs, guitars, drums, percussion, fretless bass on "Lord, do You Love Me", "I Love The Lord", "Are You Listening Mr Christian", "Lord You Are My Strength", "Send Them A Miracle", mandolin, harmonica
Guests: Mike Davis, Gary & Janice Lassiter, Richard Cooper
Cover paintings & photograph by Frank French. Graphic work by Frank Ostean at Phranx Graphix. Engineered & produced by Frank French. Recorded July 1995 through August 1996 at Frank French Studio 2. Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix, Nashville TN.
  In the summer of 1993, Jeanne & I became friends with Spencer Cooper, one of the finest people we have ever known. He hails from Memphis, Tennessee. He is a great Hammond organ player & he writes lots of songs, all the time. He is also a very fine "English Traveler"...a true blooded Pentecostal Gypsy of English heritage.
   Through our friendship with Spencer & Kenneth Bill, Jeanne & I were adopted into the families & the world of the local Romanichal. It is a wonderful world.
   It was the love of good rock'n'rhythm'n'blues that brought us together, but it was that sense of "family" that held us together through some truly great times. As long as Spencer & Jeanne & I were okay, everything else was okay, no matter what the circumstances.
   We named our band
The King Jesus Bluesbreakers. Frank Ostean played drums with us most of the time. But Spencer!!! He took us on an adventure that lasted three wonderful years. I will always love him.
   Anyway, here's what the songs are about:
   "The Overture" is really just a collage of carnival midway sounds, Romani conversation, and odd noises. I created this opening, and I love it still, to this day. I always get a lift when I hear this start up.
   "Hail The Messiah" was one of our fun opening songs, one of Spencer's.
   "It's Easy" made me think of the late '60's Stones/Faces/English interpretation of Muscle Shoals. It is one of my favorites. also one of Spencer's.
   "Lord Do You Love Me" is my autobiography. If I'm feeling adventurous, I do it in B flat.
   "More Than A Party" is Spencer's autobiography.
   "New Man Old Man" is one of Spencer's, and it reminded me of the Bellamy Brothers, so I went for that sound in this song.
   I thought of the Beatles "I'll Be Back" when we did "He Is Worthy". Mike Davis threw in the echo vocal on some of the choruses.
   "I Love The Lord" is another of my autobiography songs. I never write fiction, my songs are always about something in my life, and I wanted to tell my friends in Colorado & up north why I live in Georgia, and why I love the South. I originally meant for this to be on a Carder, Blackburn & French record, but it never happened, so this recording ended up here, finished off by
The King Jesus Bluesbreakers. I wrote this on the back porch of my futon store Far East Futon Company when we were at Creatwood Farms. Heidi, the dog I sing about, has since gone on to doggy heaven, but I hope to play with her again, someday.
   "A Call to Be in Your Presence" is one of Spencer's. We sometimes did it second in our shows.
   "Are You Listening Mr Christian" is also one of Spencer's. I gave it kind of a Stewart Copeland kind of feel.
   "God Is Good to Me" is also one of Spencer's, but he asked me to sing it. I love this song too. Gary Lassiter does the Les Paul solo.
   "Lord You Are My Strength" is one of my favorites. Spencer & I traded verses.
   "Send Them A Miracle" is another of my documentaries, several stories there.
   "Jesus in The Garden" is another of Spencer's kind of soul things.
   Spencer wrote the verses for "Send Us Your Spirit". I wrote the bridge on Thanksgiving Day. And the ending is one of my favorite recorded endings, ever, in the history of music...layers of crashing surf, breaking glass, guitar feedback, gongs, bagpipes, bells. I ran four tape machines simultaneously on the mixdown for this ending...God bless the Travelers!
Kuscha Giras & Divya Cherises
the King Jesus Bluesbreakers
Hilary, Shannon & Frank
Heidi & Bruce LeCocq
the King Jesus Bluesbreakers
Jeanne French
Spencer Cooper
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