Frank French Studios
Frank French Recording & Publishing:
Frank French: owner, producer, engineer, musician & writer
Credits: The New World, Neon Fish, Kevn Kinney, Drivin'n'Cryin, Indigo Girls, Michelle Malone, Face of Concern, Kristen Hall, the Tornados, the Dharma Bums, the Nobz, the Intergallactic Cowboy, William Wray Sherry, the B-Band, Twist of Fate, Floating Axe Head, the King Jesus Bluesbreakers, Mark Blackburn, Chris Carder, Carolyn Wall, Dale Frazier, Jodi Zorzi, Julie Dexter, Li'l John (Roberts), Bright Sky, Bob MacRae, Ken Kilgore, Gary Lassiter, Brenda MacKenzie Davis, Smyrna Assembly of God Choir, Trinity Baptist Church Choir, Woodward Avenue Church of God Choir, Jennifer Daniels, Andrew Black, Westside Blues Band, the Streamliners, Sacred Ecstacy, Yehudi, Ryan Kriser, Richard Forrester, Les Scarborough, Rock'n'Soul Cafe, Steve Glotzer, Windy Martin, Celia, Todd Adelman, WadiRum, Dave Hewitt, David Brown, Silent Bear, Bill Taylor, Jennifer Friedman, Thomas Corl, Tommy Wails, Randy Craig, Linda & Jessica Storey, Kellie Sprinkle, the International Folkloric Group, Chris Juhlin, Jana & Kevin Nunn, Nate Quick, Jim Thompson, Ben Thompson, E3C Band, Music @ Messiah, ZoHachi, Twilight Records, Fundamental Music, Island Records, Epic Records, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Andy Browne, Art Linton, Richard Bicknell, Matt Evan Johnson, Greg Martin Schneider, Lori Michael, and us--Frank & Jeanne French
Notes: I have lived & worked in the studio environment almost my entire life. These studios are my 3rd & 4th pro level home based recording studios, equipped at "industry-standard" level. I work in both analog & digital, based on what is appropriate at each particular stage of recording, mixing & mastering. I get as deeply involved in each project as I am allowed to get. I like to define the essence of each artist & each project, and then use that vision & our abilities to bring the works to life, forming each work according to its own particular nature. What I ask is that our work be honorable, and that our work pleases God.
Rates: Flat rate of $60 per hour, or per song rate of $600 per song (recording & editing), $60 per song mixing, $60 per song mastering, plus costs of media & musicians, plus producer royalty of 5% of retail list price per unit replicated or duplicated. Optional pre-production session fee: $60.  No drugs, no alcohol, nothing abusive is permitted.
Located in the Woodstock/Mountain Park/Roswell area north of Atlanta GA
Analog & Digital
Contact information:
Frank French
102 Wiley Bridge Ct
Woodstock GA 30188
voice mail: 678.640.1276
Bobby Burns
the Dharma Bums
Jeanne French
Frank French
Glenn Hughes
of Trapeze, Deep Purple
Frank French
Cheryl McRae
Marc Stowe
of Face of Concern
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