Everything Looks Better in the
Close The Door
Dime A Dozen
Alice Is My Ally
Legal Gun
Tina's Grocery
Good 4 Me
Paid in Full
Hold Me Back
Ghost Party in the Attic
Ace King Queen Jack Ten
Yes That's Me
Everywhere Is Somewhere
Kevn Kinney: music, lyrics, vocals, guitars, 8 string bass
Frank French: music & lyrics on "Good 4 Me", portion of lyrics on "Paid in Full", vocals, guitars, mandolin, drums, fretless bass, production & engineering
Guests: Michael Kinney, Mary Henschel, Jerry Weldon, Marshall Ethridge, G. Howard Williams, Shannon & Hilary French, Jeanne French, and Face of Concern
Cover artwork by Daniel Clowes. Produced & engineered by Frank French. Recorded January 1985 through July 1987 at Frank French Studio 2 in Smyrna, Georgia. Released in the summer of 1987 by David T. Lindsay and Gary Held and Twilight Records and Fundamental Music.
  I saw Kevn play with the Prosecutors one night at a tiny club on the eastside of Milwaukee. Mary Henschel was also playing that night in another band. The headlining band was a great trio called the Oil Tasters.
   I had gone specifically to see & hear the Oil Tasters, but I can still recall Kevn's raw enthusiasm.
   I later met Kevn when I went to work at Radio Doctors, a place where he was already employed.
   I left Radio Doctors and I left Milwaukee, for good. I came back to Atlanta, playing music full time. I set up Far East Futon Company. After a couple of years I set up Studio 2, which was also called Dragon Path Music.
   One day, Kevn & Mary showed up. Kevn had also moved to Smyrna, just a few blocks away from me. He had heard from our friend Caleb (from the Oil Tasters) that I had set up a recording studio in my home. Kevn asked about recording with me and I said yes.
   Kevn brought his band, the Psycho Relics. The first lyric I heard was "Some see a cigarette in the ashtray, I see a Philip Morris man." And I was intrigued with the mind that wrote that.
   The Psycho Relics fell apart, and Kevn came back to me alone. We started over with just him & me, sometimes Michael. We called ourselves the Lonesome Desperadoes. Then when Kevn & I really got close, we started calling ourselves Drivin'n'Cryin, after the song. I suggested the name as a pun on duos--Homer & Jethro, Chad & Jeremy, Peter & Gordon, Simon & Garfunkel.
   Kevn brought along Tim & Paul and we began doing gigs around Atlanta in the fall of 1985. It was an exciting time. It was a time of changes. I stayed with them until January 1986, then I turned my attention to producing the Indigo Girls.
   I saved all of our notes, lyrics, etc. I have wonderful memories of our friendship. It went beyond the time in the studio, beyond the gigs. Thank you Kevn for all you've given me.
   I used Beggar's Banquet as the blueprint for this album. I limited myself to the 4-track and the 8-track to pay tribute to the sound of that era. This was mastered at Masterphonics in Nashville.
Everything Looks Better in the Dark
Frank French & Kevn Kinney
early Drivin'n'Cryin
the Lonesome Desperadoes
at the Metroplex
Kevn Kinney & Frank French
in Kevn's kitchen
Kevn Kinney & Frank French
in Frank's Studio 2
Shannon French
at Far East Futon Co
Shannon French
Jeanne French
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